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InDesk works with Medical Aesthetic Clinics in the UK to help them improve how they manage the enquiries they receive through all their communication channels.

Please contact us at stand F11 if you are interested in increasing the number of consultations your clinic receives every month and want to save time dealing with potential customers and more time treating patients.

InDesk allows practitioners to focus on treating their patients. We handle everything else, from booking patients for consultations, reminding patients to attend, rescheduling appointments and dealing with all the other enquiries your clinic receives on a daily basis.

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InDesk Solo

InDesk – The new patient management system

InDesk is the new patient contact service for Medical Aesthetic Clinics. We’ll manage all the communication between your clinic and your new and existing customers, maximising your bookings and freeing your time to treat more patients! 1. InDesk will handle your incoming calls and emails, prioritise bookings and leave you time for your patients. 2. InDesk is a powerful tool, backed by dedicated, experienced agents, that gives you the actions you need to take and takes care of everything else. 3. InDesk does everything to maximise the number of bookings from your patient enquiries and marketing efforts, no matter the source. 4. InDesk agents follow appropriate phone manners and provide a high level of service to your patients, according to your guidelines. 5. InDesk integrates easily with your existing marketing and systems.

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