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RELIFE is a new worldwide Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine company that finds its roots in the MENARINI GROUP (founded in 1886, with more than 17,000 employees in 136 countries in the world). This new Italian company inherits MENARINI’s science-based and patient-centred approach to provide high-quality standards from development and manufacturing, to Medical Education. What is our approach? We work with Healthcare Professionals and Scientific Communities to provide the results of our conscious innovation to all. RELIFE considers the skin as the mirror of well-being. Therefore, it focuses on helping people to achieve their complete well-being starting from their skin. In Dermatology, we will treat each specific skin condition by providing men, women, and children with effective and highly innovative complete premium product ranges. In Aesthetic Medicine, we will offer healthcare professionals a holistic approach. A natural-looking appearance thanks to a combination of unique techniques. RELIFE. MY SKIN SAYS HOW I FEEL. Learn the techniques for the UK RELIFE range of products, by joining our educational and training classes dedicated to Healthcare Professionals: and register your interest to join our series of webinars on

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