skinade® is the manufacturer and distributor of industry leading nutraceutical products, designed to improve the skin from the inside. Available only to Aesthetic Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses, Aesthetic Medical Professionals, and leading Aesthetic Practitioners, skinade® now has over 3000 stockists across the UK, USA, Ireland, and Western Europe, and is the proud winner of over 30 industry and consumer awards.

skinade® offers the following nutraceutical products:

skinade® – Better Skin From Within: The flagship product that launched the company in 2013. Designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, increase hydration, balance sebeceous activity, and ameliorate certain skin conditions. Supported by a wealth of clinical data, the product is patented both in Europe and the USA, and is made (alongside other products) at the state of the art skinade manufacturing facilities in West London and Washington D.C.

Targeted Solutions Clear: Two step product designed to address all major aetiologies behind acne, including but not limited to imbalanced hormones, toxicity, poor digestive health, stress and anxiety, inflammation, poor dermal integrity. This will results in fewer breakouts and smoother more even skin.

Targeted Solutions Cellulite: Three step product designed to address all major aetiologies behind cellulite, including but not limited to fibrotic tissue, poor dermal integrity, toxicity, poor digestive health, stress and anxiety, inflammation, poor dermal integrity, fluid retention, and hormonal factors. This help eliminate the “orange peel” effect of cellulite, leading to smoother, thicker, and more even skin. Clients have also reported a significant degree of weight loss alongside improvements to cellulite.

Targeted Solutions Derma Defense: Designed for those with a sallow tired complexion, or flaky dry skin, Derma Defense will provide the body with 3000IU of highly absorbable Vitamin A and D3, leading to healther, better hydrated and more even skin. Combining Derma Defense with skinade® will further enhance results, including helping to manage pigmentation and target sun damage.

skinade|MD® Pre + Post Care Programme: Designed in collaboration with leading plastic and aesthetic surgeons, the skinade|MD® Pre + Post Care Programme was created to provide surgeons with an innovative solution tailored to their needs. By integrating the skinade|MD® into their surgical protocols, surgeons can ensure that they are offering their patients the best possible experience and outcome in their surgery.

skinade|MD® Pre + Post Care Surgical Programme works by triggering the wound healing response ahead of surgery and targeting specific issues associated with surgical intervention, resulting in:

» Reduced swelling
» Reduced bruising
» Less bleeding
» Reduced scarring
» Quicker healing
» Reduced downtime
» Superior results

Supported by clinical data, this easy to follow 45 day programme is the perfect differentiator for those practitioners committed to clinical excellence.


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Customer Services Coordinator role

Customer Services Coordinator role

skinade® is looking for an enthusiastic dynamic individual ready to take on a constantly evolving set of challenges! This is an opportunity to work from the heart of a pioneering professional skincare company, and experience all aspects of a growing agile business! The successful candidate will be liaising with both B2B and B2C relationships and provide support where needed. They will also have the opportunity to organise, manage, and appear at company events and trade shows, as well as contribute towards company marketing strategy and execution.

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Marketing Executive

Marketing Executive

Looking for a marketing executive to run Social Media Campaigns, physical marketing campaigns for B2B distribution, brand strategy, with skills in design being greatly advantageous.

Must have experience running large budget campaigns.

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