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Handwash basins for salons, treatment clinics and mobile professionals from Teal
Teal supply portable basins to salon, treatment and therapy businesses throughout the UK and have an enviable reputation for providing high quality, hygienic hot water hand washing.
The additional benefit of a Teal basin is they can be placed exactly where they are needed without the need for plumbing. This stand-alone ability has attracted many customers where rooms or areas of the salon do not have mains water and waste.

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Teal HandSpa

Teal have extended their range of hand wash basins with the launch of the new HandSpa. Delivering superb hand washing – at the point of need. The automatic sensor delivers a hygienic hand wash without having to touch a tap or button. Professionals in the beauty industry need to maintain a reputation for high standards and excellence in hygiene. This is why it’s important that they have constant access to hand washing facilities. The Teal range is used by high street retailers such as Claire’s®, treatment clinics, salons or start-ups and includes fully portable options for mobile treatments, make-up & hair professionals and therapists. Easy to use, the basins can be set up in seconds, no plumbing needed and plugged into a normal 13-amp socket.

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