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Laboratoires VIVACY is a French manufacturer specialised in the development, production and distribution of innovative injectable medical devices that contain hyaluronic acid and antioxidants for aesthetic treatments.

VIVACY’s product portfolio includes three main brands: STYLAGE® dermal fillers, DESIRIAL® injectable intimate gels and VIVACY BEAUTY dermo-cosmetics. The company also manufactures hyaluronic acid-based viscosupplements (medical devices) for ophthalmic surgery (I.SPACE®) and for the treatment of osteoarthritis (KARTILAGE®).

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STYLAGE® with and without Lidocaine is a range of innovative monophasic injectable dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid (patented IPN-Like Technology*) and antioxidants: Mannitol or Sorbitol. STYLAGE® S for superficial wrinkles and creased areas. STYLAGE® M for medium to deep folds and lips augmentation. STYLAGE® L for deep to very deep wrinkles and restoration of volume in the back of the hand. STYLAGE® Special Lips can improve the lip contour, restore proper lip volume and shape the lips appearance. STYLAGE® XL & STYLAGE® XXL are indicated for the restoration or augmentation of facial volume. STYLAGE® Hydro and STYLAGE® HydroMax are indicated to improved moisturization and cutaneous elasticity of the face, neck, neckline and back of the hand. For a more comfortable procedure, STYLAGE® range is also available with a local anesthetic, lidocaine.

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DESIRIAL® is a range of innovative monophasic injectables based on hyaluronic acid (patented IPN-Like Technology) and Mannitol for women’s intimate health and well-being. Vulvovaginal dryness improvement DESIRIAL® is indicated for women suffering from dryness, vaginal discomfort, triggering, chronic irritations and pain during intercourse. The aim of injecting DESIRIAL® is to restore hydration of the vestibular

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