Introducing Focus Dual, Lynton’s Latest Launch


Introducing Focus Dual, Lyntons Latest Launch

Lynton, the UK’s number 1 provider of laser and energy-based aesthetic devices, introduces the Focus Dual. Focus Dual is a new Radiofrequency Microneedling and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound machine that effectively remodels collagen to lift, firm, and tighten the skin with virtually no downtime.

Focus Dual offers practitioners a unique combination of the latest clinically proven technologies to give skin back its snap. Suitable for all skin types, these targeted technologies deliver heat into the deeper layers of skin to effectively remodel collagen, rejuvenate the skin’s appearance, improve fine lines, and wrinkles, tighten lax skin, and diminish scars whilst leaving the skin’s surface intact.

By adjusting the RF Microneedles and HIFU focal depths, practitioners can improve the skin at every layer: SMAS, Reticular Dermis, Papillary Dermis and Epidermis to address each patients individual concerns.

Hayley Jones, Sales and Marketing Director at Lynton, comments: “To celebrate the launch of Focus Dual, we have devised an exclusive launch programme to help you invigorate your business with NEW technology this year, draw in new customers and covert existing ones. We will walk you through a proven, effective strategy to launch a new product so that you can make maximum return on your investment!”

Visit to find out how you can join Lyntons exclusive launch programme and launch the Focus Dual with maximum return on investment in 2021.



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