Lynton launch the Smartxide Punto in the UK, in partnership with DEKA


Deliver impressive skin rejuvenation with little to no downtime with the SmartXide PUNTO

The bestselling CO2 in America has arrived in the UK; DEKA’s renowned SmartXide series is expanded with the launch of the new SmartXide PUNTO.

With four emission modes, including Deka’s unique H-Pulse and Coolpeel technology, SmartXide PUNTO provides medical practitioners with one of the most advanced CO2 laser technologies available. Thanks to the SmartXide’s PSD™ Technology, practitioners can select the precise power, density, pulse durations and pulse shape, tailoring and optimising treatments to fit patients’ expectations.

The SmartXide’s latest advancement, Coolpeel: CO2… but cooler, is a brand-new way to deliver the benefits of a traditional CO2 resurfacing treatment, with a safer and more comfortable approach. Thanks to unique SmartXide pulse shapes and controls it is now possible to treat every skin with CO2 delivering proven predictable results and unique downtime control. Only SmartXide Punto has this unique pulse control.

The SmartXide Punto’s customisable parameters offer practitioners a breakthrough in CO2 treatment options based on patient needs, skin type, downtime and patient tolerance while maximising your return on investment.

Brought to the UK by Lynton, practitioners interested in learning more about the SmartXide Punto can visit for more information.

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