ONDA – Revolutionises Body Contouring & Fat Reduction with Coolwaves™


This year sees Lynton celebrate 25 years of success in the development of advanced aesthetic technologies. It only makes sense that this is the year they display the ONDA (Italian for ‘wave’), the new device made by Deka in Italy which harnesses smart microwave technology for body contouring applications. This regenerating but non-invasive treatment regenerates, reduces and remodels and by targeting cellulite, localised fat pockets and skin laxity at the same time. Until now many devices have promised lots yet, delivered very little. But then the ONDA is a game changer, results are impressive and long lasting, be one of the first clinics to experience the Coolwaves ™ revolution.

This gamechanger of a treatment utilises Coolwaves ™, there is no other device that emits microwaves in the same way as the ONDA. Microwaves are absorbed by molecules in the target tissue, which causes them to oscillate and heat up, all while keeping your client’s skin cool and comfortable. Microwaves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum (frequency range: 1-300GHz and are common in many areas of everyday life, from the medical field to at home. The ONDA handpieces generate microwaves at 2.45GHz, a frequency that is preferentially absorbed by adipose cells. The epidermis and the dermis of the skin contain a high percentage of water but little fat. Therefore, when the Coolwaves™ penetrate the body, particularly the torso, abdomen and thighs. It causes apoptosis of adipose cells helping to eliminate them, while also stimulating cellular metabolic processes and collagen production. By passing straight through the top layers without depositing excessive heat (about 20% of the thermal effect from the microwaves). The majority of the Coolwaves™ energy affects the deeper layers of fat, which is heated far more rapidly that the skin (about 80% of the thermal effect).

To find out more about Cellulite – Localized Fat – Tightening visit: www.lynton.co.uk or alternatively, call 01477 536976.



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