The SmartXide Touch DOT/RF CO²


The SmartXide Touch CO² combines the capabilities of a high-powered CO² laser but with the unique addition of integrated bipolar radiofrequency (RF).

The SmartXide CO² utilises dermal optical thermolysis (DOT therapy) which creates thousands of microscopic perforations, to vaporize damaged skin in the dermis & stimulate the growth of fresh, new collagen – leaving the protective epidermal covering of your patients’ skin much more intact. Since a fraction of the skin is treated, the non-treated adjacent skin promotes fast healing times for patients. With the SmartXide CO² results go beyond skin resurfacing to include deep skin rejuvenation.

The Dermal Optic Thermolysis longer wavelength, combined with fractional laser technology takes the treatment deeper into the dermis than current minimally ablative fractional treatments can. The inherent risks traditionally associated with a CO² laser are reduced considerably through the fractional delivery system. While still achieving superior results.

Thanks to the HiScan DOT/RF medical practitioners combine the advantages of a micro ablative laser with RF energy & tailor treatments to the individual patients’ needs.

Customisable operational parameters:
• Pulse shape, power and dwell time
• Scan shape and size Distance between DOTs
• Bipolar Radiofrequency
• SmartStack

Dr Paulo Bonan says. “The device not only offers a practitioner the ability to achieve results quickly while maintaining the safety profile, but they can also be very selective in the procedure. It’s possible, for example, to target a lesion without damaging the apparently healthy skin surrounding it. I would say that the SmartXide Touch is like a gorgeous Ferrari. If you are capable of driving a Ferrari, you will just enjoy your machine; but if you’re not, the likelihood is that you will crash. You need the appropriate training to understand the full benefits of the device”.





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