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Sciton, Inc.

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BBL Overview
The innovative BBL® module extends the versatility of the JOULE platform with one-of-a-kind flash lamp technology, interchangeable Smart Filters, Finesse Adapters, and CoolComfort technology.

Its broad range of wavelengths allow targeted treatment for many skin conditions without the need for additional handpieces. Its flexible Finesse Adapters enable treatment of hard to reach areas.

With its user-friendly features, superior results, and exceptional ROI, BBL is the most complete and versatile broadband light system in its class.

BBL HERO®: The Swiss Army Knife of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Systems
BBL HERO® (High Energy Rapid Output™) is revolutionary technology added onto the BBL® handpiece, ensuring Forever results are quickly delivered anywhere on the body.

NEW: BBL HERO® innovations deliver 4x the speed, 3x the peak power, and 2x the cooling, creating greater capacity to treat more patients quicker and is the world’s most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device on the market.
Quickly treats the face and large areas such as back, arms, and legs in 2-5 minutes
Optimal combination and versatility of treatments with all the capabilities of your favourite Sciton systems such as Forever Young, Forever Bare, Forever Body, and SkinTyte.
BBL HERO upgrades straight into your favourite Joule platform or comes as a complete standalone IPL system.

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