Restylane Eyelight


Galderma launches RESTYLANE® EYELIGHT™, a targeted hyaluronic acid filler to reduce under-eye shadows
– Developed with NASHA™ gel technology which precise placement to fill under-eye hollows ,
– The NASHA gel technology gives patients predictable outcomes and provides natural-looking results, helping them to look less tired and more rested1,

RESTYLANE EYELIGHT is trusted to deliver high patient satisfaction, with clinical results which demonstrating that 6.5 months after the first treatment, 88.6% of people reported looking less tired and 91.4% of people still felt attractive due to the improvement in their dark circles.1 In addition, 94.3% of people who tried RESTYLANE EYELIGHT would recommend it and repeat treatment.1 In Europe, research has indicated that 66% of people are bothered by their under-eye circles.

RESTYLANE EYELIGHT contains hyaluronic acid which is part of Galderma’s proprietary NASHA gel technology. This is combined with lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, to allow for a more comfortable treatment.

As a trusted and premium brand for 25 years, Restylane has a proven track record in delivering effective treatment. Over the decades, 50 million RESTYLANE treatments have been administered across the globe.7

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