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This manual has been put together as a reference to use whilst planning for the Aesthetics Conference & Exhibition 2025. Taking the time to read through now, will ensure that you are well prepared for the event and enable you to make the most out of your time onsite.

It is also important to ensure that you are familiar with all show and venue regulations and that these have been shared with any third party contractors you may be appointing to work for you on the event.

If you have any queries regarding your stand set up and your time on site, please feel free to contact our team on ace_ops@easyfairs.com

Should you have any queries regarding stand orders please contact ace_ops@easyfairs.com

Exhibitor tips
Please complete the following forms before the 1st February 2025.
Early ordering via the MyEasyfairs webshop and the prompt completion of forms for any extra services will not only give you peace of mind, but will also ensure you do not incur any late order surcharges. Please refer to the deadlines & forms checklist for further details.

The deadline for early bird stand orders is the 1st February 2025.

Orders after this date are subject to a 25% late surcharge. Graphics and floor covering orders may not be accepted after this date.

If you do not yet have your ‘MyEasyfairs’ log in details, please contact ella.carey@easyfairs.com
Please complete the live demonstration form

Please note any submissions after this date may not be approved in time or given permission to demonstrate

Required – ID of persons carrying out treatment / Method statement / Risk assessment / Public liability insurance / Certificate of competence / Copy of pre & post care advice  / Sample of patient consent form / Licence from council / Proof of GMC registration

*This form will be live from 01.02.25 and a notification will be sent via email.
Please download and return to ace_ops@easyfairs.com

Grid plan (PDF download)

For all exhibitors who have placed orders for electrics, spotlights or shell extras & for all Elite shell exhibitors

If you would like to know how to correctly complete a grid planDownload our FAQ
All space only exhibitors must complete the following documentation via the KRM space only submission platform by the 1st February 2025. These plans will then be checked to ensure they comply with the venue and local authority regulations detailed later in this section. Please be aware that any submissions sent after this date may not be approved or given permission to build.

*The space only submission form will be live from the 1st July 2025 and a notification will be sent via email.

Documents to send as part of your submission:
  1. All documentation to include company name, stand number, contractor company name, contractor details
  2. Detailed scale drawings of your stand to include all dimensions, plan views and elevations 
  3. Include any inflatables or rigged elements, prove the structural stability, be specifically for this exhibition
  4. Details of materials used to construct the stand
  5. Stand contractors risk assessment to include fire hazards, unusual exhibits or activities on the stand (working machinery, moving attractions)
  6. Your stand constructor’s public liability insurance
  7. A Method Statement
  8. A Health & Safety Declaration
  9. A Construction Phase Plan
  10. Structural calculations (complex builds only)

Important Deadlines & Forms

Please pay particular attention to the operational deadlines & forms section of this manual.

Whilst not all forms are compulsory, the health & safety declaration, risk assessment,  grid plans and space only form must all be completed prior to your arrival onsite and before you can occupy your stand at ACE 2025.

Any exhibitors performing live demos on their stand or during a speaker session will need to fill out the the Live Demonstration Form before the 1st February  to ensure approval on time. Failure to complete this form will mean the exhibiting company cannot perform live demos at the show due to show, venue and local authority regulations. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these guidelines. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on ace_ops@easyfairs.com

Exhibitor Stand Orders

To avoid late order surcharges, please complete early orders and any additional service forms via the MyEasyfairs webshop. Refer to the checklist & forms section for more details.

The early bird deadline for stand orders is February 1st 2025. Orders after this date will incur a 20% late surcharge, and graphics and floor covering orders may not be accepted.

For ‘MyEasyfairs’ login details, contact ella.carey@easyfairs.com

ACE 2025 Stand Awards

We are delighted to announce that the ACE 2025 Stand Awards are BACK. Categories are below.

  • Award for the Event Best Marketing Campaign – this is awarded to the exhibitor that gains the most registrations from using their tracked link found in MyEasyfairs! Make sure to start using yours today to gain more leads than ever before!
    Award for the Best Stand Hospitality Offering – awarded onsite by ACE team
  • Award for the Best Stand – awarded onsite by ACE team
  •  Award for the Most Sustainable Stand – please submit your sustainable stand info to aimee.moore@easyfairs.com
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