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Founded by Church Pharmacy in 2016, Beamwave Technologies was formed to create a solutions portfolio of results-based, unique and innovative aesthetic and dermatological devices, exclusively from leading global technology manufacturers whilst offering a premium level of service, training, and support.

Over the short period of time Beamwave Technologies has been trading, we have cemented ourselves as a UK market-leading aesthetics device supplier. We have a wide range of advanced devices that are competitively priced so you can offer a faster more efficient treatment process whilst still obtaining the highest possible results.

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Doublo Gold

The Doublo Gold is a 3rd generation HIFU device that can create thermal coagulation zones 21% larger than competitors, offering more successful outcomes and results. The Doublo Gold’s precise energy stimulates the skin’s deep support structures by causing micro-injuries at three different skin layer depths to treat multiple indications. Treatment Indications: • Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation • Non-Invasive Face Lifts • Eyebrow Lifts • Jowl Lifts • Nasolabial Fold Reduction • Double Chin Reduction • Body Contouring Device Benefits • Rapid, effective and continuous pulsing at 300 shots in 8 minutes. • High return of investment with 1700% profitability. • Enhanced results with immediate face and body contouring. • Non-Invasive, minimal patient discomfort with zero downtime. • Lifting, toning and tightening for all-skin types and Fitzpatrick’s scales.

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