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Belle Health Ltd

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Belle is a leading supplier to the medical aesthetics community in the UK.
We are proud to represent Clarius ultrasound, Aerolase lasers, Dermadrop, Juva+ Robotic Injection Systems.
This year we also very excited to introduce Morphiya Exomorphic Biotech. Morphiya’s patented Exomorphic Biotech™ encapsulates youthful exosome messengers within liposomal carriers called Exomorphs. They are smartly programmed to target disrupted cells and reset damaged cell behaviour.

Exomorphs remove old and damaged messages, replacing them with young ones to re-balance to youthful cell behaviour.

The results are transformative. Exomorphs work tirelessly to rejuvenate skin at a cellular level, promoting collagen production, improving elasticity, and reducing the visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines.


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