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MiCool-A causes a process called apoptosis, which gradually reduces the layer of fat with an immediate transformation. The device comes with two applicators and eight interchangeable tips to treat two areas simultaneously with greater ease, efficiency and safety. During the energy transfer, the smart gel pad protects the surface of the skin, allowing for the use of colder temperatures to get the desired results. MiCool-A requires no dietary supplements, medications or a dietary plan to be effective. The removal of fat cells is carried out by the body over the following 30-90 days.

Treatment Indications:
• Arms
• Buttocks
• Thighs
• Abdomen
• Hip Line and Love Handles
• Bra Line

Micool-A Features:
• Selective – The cooling energy is delivered to the subcutaneous fat layer without any damage to other surrounding tissues.
• Effective – The results of these treatments are permanent, event after a single treatment.
• Natural – Cryo fat reduction is activated based on the process of Apoptosis, not Necrosis.
• Safe – Non-invasive with minimal patient discomfort, side effects and no downtime.

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