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Vivacy Laboratories UK

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Laboratoires VIVACY has used the best of their knowledge and expertise to develop cutting-edge anti-ageing dermocosmetics using active ingredients that are an essential part of aesthetic medicine procedures. Their secret? The VIVASOME complex designed by VIVACY. It contains a powerful cocktail of three anti-ageing active ingredients (Treignac Mineral Water, Sorbitol and Collagen boosters), Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. All these ingredients are encapsulated in small spheres called Liposomes, which facilitate the penetration of these ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin for immediate and visible results. “Wrinkles are smoothed on the surface, collagen and elastin fibres are stimulated from deep within,” explains the Doctor.

Today, VIVACY presents a complete range of anti-ageing skin care products resulting from their advanced scientific research and co-developed with some of the best Physicians, Biologists and Dermatologists in the world. In total, six products that have clinically demonstrated their efficacy and are specifically designed to adapt to patients’ individual skin concerns. Among them, Age Reboost®, the anti-ageing restructuring cream. This global anti-ageing treatment restores skin firmness, improves the skin’s complexion and smoothes wrinkles day by day. 95% of users* found their skin more hydrated, firmer and visibly smoother. Another essential is Eye Ultim’ Lift®, a new anti-ageing eye care product designed to rejuvenate the eye contour area. It instantly smoothes fine wrinkles and expression lines, such as crow’s feet thanks to a “botox-like” tripeptide. 88% of users* have noticed an immediate tightening effect without “freezing” the area, as well as more toned, supple and hydrated skin after first use. A new addition to your beauty ritual from VIVACY to start without delay!
The products are available now at VIVACY UK at contact@vivacylab.co.uk.

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